Rates & Reservations

Rates are based on the number of nights, day of the week, availability, number of persons in your party, and the room type. All rates are subject to change without notice.


  • To hold your reservation, you will need to provide either a guaranteed payment method (such as a valid credit card) or at least one night's deposit.
  • If you cancel at least 48 hours before your arrival date, there will be no cancellation charges or else, you will be obligated to pay us for a days service.
  • If you do not arrive on your reserved date ("no show"), your credit card will be charged for one night and any deposit will be forfeited.


To check availability and current rates or to book a reservation by phone, call us during business hours at 508 775 3000 or contact us via email.

For up-to-date service anytime, book your reservation online. If you booked your reservation online, you may also view or cancel your reservation. Please review terms of service via the FAQ link at the bottom of the reservations page before booking; the terms of our cancellation policy (at left) also apply.